Hyphens and Compounds: ECE3 Book Club

The second meeting of the Kingston Twig’s ECE3 Book Club, held on October 9, 2019, at the Ongwanada Resource Centre in Kingston, was a success:

  • Shockingly, everyone in the group was discovered to have opinions—in some cases, even feelings—about at least some hyphens to some degree.
  • The hyphen in attributive adjective compounds (a hyphen use discussion / a hyphen-use discussion), on which the Associated Press recently changed its guidelines, was discussed.
  • The suspended hyphen (e.g., three- and four-year-old children) was examined.
  • The en dash was praised.
  • The hyphen table in Chicago was consulted.
  • Style variations in different types of publications were explored.
  • The first two editions of ECE3, brought for show and tell by Lee, were admired.
  • There was a side trip to discussion of the famous spelling variants table, wherein it was revealed that Elizabeth had been responsible for the most recent version thereof.

Clearly, editors know how to have a good time!

Two newcomers to the group—Carolyn, a one-time FEAC member who now works at Queen’s and is updating her skills with the Standards courses, and John, who described himself as someone who currently edits only recreationally—were welcomed.

Snacks were consumed.

The location of the June Editors Canada national conference, its second with an international theme, and expected to have speakers and attendees from the U.S., Europe, and beyond as well as Canada, was announced: Montreal.

An invitation is extended to all: join us next month!

Join Us

Ongwanada Resource Centre
191 Portsmouth Avenue
7 to 9 p.m. (doors open at 6:30)
Free for Editors Canada members
$5 for visitors

Find Us on Facebook

Whether or not you come to our gatherings, feel free to join our Facebook group and chat with other Kingston-area editors and assorted word nerds.


Stephanie Stone and Elizabeth d’Anjou

Editors Kingston coordinators

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