Events 2016-17

Except where otherwise noted, all events take place at the Ongwanada Resource Centre from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. (come any time from 6:30).

“What’s New?” – Wednesday, September 14

Come out and share with the group: what’s something new you’ve learned or are doing this year? It could be a new skill, a new job, a new freelance client, a new approach….

Book Designer Susan Hannah: “Let’s Work Together”  –  Wednesday, October 12

Kingston book designer and author Susan Hannah (Harrowsmith Books; Nelson Canada; Quarry Press) will discuss what designers do and what editors need to know to foster collaborative relationships in a talk (with show-and-tell examples) subtitled “I Won’t ‘Should’ You.”

Meet a Trade Book Editor –  Wednesday, November 9

Alex Schultz, a former acquiring editor (McClelland & Stewart; Penguin; HarperCollins) and now an in-demand freelancer based in the Quinte area, will share stories and insights from his 20 years in Canadian trade publishing working with a Who’s Who of notable Canadian authors.

Holiday Social  –  Wednesday, December 14

Save the date and come party with the editors!

Olivea restaurant, 6:30 p.m. Friends and partners welcome!

 Self-Publishing Panel –  Wednesday,  January 11

A panel of three experienced self-publishing author/editors will share their expertise: Ottawa-based Stacey Atkinson sits on the Editors Canada executive and is the author of the online course How to Self-Publish a Book; Kingston Editor Carla Douglas is the author of more than 10 books, most recently the self-published You’ve Got Style: A Writer’s Guide to Copyediting; Bob Mackenzie self-published his first book more than 50 years ago. While he has been published by traditional houses, he continues to be a self-publisher.

Evolving Usage –  Wednesday, February 8

As language professionals, we know that English is always evolving—as it should. Keeping up with the current language in the fields we work in, and making judgement calls about when a particular evolving usage is acceptable, is something editors do every day. Let’s share our thoughts and experiences in this area with a discussion on how changes to the language have affected our own editing work (or other areas of our lives) recently.

For example: Has your employer recently changed “First Nations” to “indigenous people” on its style sheet? Have you recently decided “if I was in charge” is okay where you once would have insisted on “if I were in charge”? Do most of the texts you edit (or write or read) now accept the singular “they”?

Bring one or two interesting issues you’ve encountered to the table for discussion—and/or any questions ony evolving usages that you’d love to have input on from your colleagues.

Editing Theses – Wednesday, March 8

A Local Author Talks Editing – Wednesday, April 12

Topic TBA – Wednesday, May 10

Seminar: Word for Editors and Writers – Saturday, May 27

Learn the secrets of Word! Advance registration required.

At the Tett Centre.

June Social – Details TBA

Editors Canada national conference  Ottawa – Friday, June 9 to Sunday, June 11

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