Lessons Learned

Nine members and friends of the twig attended the first meeting after our summer break for a discussion prompted by the phrase “Today I learned …” The acronym “TIL” is widely used on Twitter as a way of introducing a comment; attendees were asked to each share something they had learned recently that was useful to their editing work.

It turns out that twiggers have learned quite a lot lately, from tips for more effective responses to potential client inquiries to thoughtful new ways of approaching structural editing to tricks for using Word that save time and reduce aggravation. One newcomer to the group shared her new knowledge about how many resources are now available to editors, especially online, compared with her memories of a previous foray into editing over a decade ago.

The coffee flowed, the snacks were shared, old friends greeted each other and new visitors were welcomed. We’re back in business!

Hope to see you soon,

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Ongwanada Resource Centre
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Free for Editors Canada members
$5 for visitors

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