Workplace Show-and-Tell

Eight of us had a lovely time sharing our workspaces at the gathering on May 8. Even in this small group, there was a surprising diversity even in setups!

Wade's Workspace

Wade’s desk at at co-working space downtown. Pros include no household distractions and encountering actual humans during the workday. Cons include a steady stream of tours for people considering taking desks at the co-working facility for fewer distractions.

Steph's Workspace

Right: Stephanie’s desk. Its generous size and the TWO lamps were much admired.

Mickeelie's Workspace

Middle Row Left: Mickeelie’s desk, submitted even though Mickeelie couldn’t be there. We were in awe. Copper pencil cup, fresh flowers, and carafe: dead giveaways that Mickeelie is of the Instagram generation.

Brenda's Workspace 3

The moment we have all been waiting for: Brenda’s treadmill desk! The treadmill surface folds up when necessary (“Oh, like a Murphy bed!”) to give the unit a very small footprint. Below left: the treadmill desk again. Below right: Brenda’s trusty assistant.

Brenda's Workspace 2Brenda's Workspace 1

Bob's Workspace

Bob’s desk. Computer is an all-in-one (no tower unit). Vintage desk was much admired.  Also the inspirational toy cars at left.


Adrienne's Workspace

Adrienne’s desk. IKEA brackets at the back mount the flat-screen monitor, while the laptop gives a second one. Ultra-wide keyboard tray. A PC-on-a-Stick lets her record versions of her famous instructional videos on using Word and other technology for both Mac and Windows.


And Don’t Miss….

In response to a request, Adrienne supplied links for more info on some of her tech:

Ellie declined to submit a photo (“I didn’t have time to tidy up”), but described her setup, which also includes a keyboard tray.

Elizabeth couldn’t get her photos to upload, and in any case explained that her office was in the midst of a slow makeover. Two new desks (a main computer station and a smaller drop-leaf one for the occasional paper work) have been installed, but the monitor stand arrived in the wrong colour, so a stack of reference books is doing the job for now.

And Lee, now retired, described how she got in the habit of working on her bed, with a big lap-board and, later, a laptop computer on a wall-mounted monitor arm, when there was no corner of a child-filled house for a separate workspace. Later, as an empty nester with a room to dedicate as an office, she couldn’t help but … put a “work bed” in it.

Want to Play?

Post a comment here with a photo of your workspace, or post it on our Facebook group.


The conference is coming up, June 7 to 9. Elizabeth will be attending. She’ll also be at the AGM, which is held on the conference Saturday; if you’d like her to carry a proxy, she’ll be happy to cast votes for you. OR you can attend from home by Zoom. (Info and a proxy form have been sent to all members; if you need help, contact the national office: .)

We’re hoping to have a Twig AGM in September again. Details to come. Next year we’ll try to move it to May.

Summer Social

Save the date: join us for dinner and/or drinks at a fine Kingston eatery on June 12. Details soon!






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