Coming Up April 10: Exploring Canadian English


The Strathy Language Unit was established at Queen’s University in 1981 with a mission to study standard English usage in Canada. Since that time, the unit has supported a variety of initiatives to examine Canadian English from diverse perspectives as well as the notion of a “standard” in an evolving linguistic landscape.

We are extremely pleased to be welcoming Dr. Anastasia Riehl, Director of the Language Unit, to join us on April 10 to give a presentation on “Exploring Canadian English with Linguistic Corpora.” Given that the Unit is hosted at Queen’s University (it was founded with a bequest from alumnus J.R. Strathy), it seems only natural to have its unique work as the subject of an Editors Kingston gathering.


In her role as Director of the Strathy Language Unit, Dr. Riehl pursues and supports projects that explore Canadian English from linguistic, social and historical perspectives. Her other areas of research interest include phonology (sound patterns) and endangered-language documentation.

The Strathy Language Unit, according to its Queen’s web page, has “produced two editions of the Guide to Canadian English Usage as well as two paper series; established the Strathy Corpus of Canadian English; collaborated on projects such as the Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles; supported an undergraduate course in Canadian English at Queen’s; hosted conferences such as the […] 2014 Change and Variation in Canada; and served as a resource for students, international scholars and members of the public interested in Canadian English.”


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Hear Elizabeth’s report from the ACES conference in Providence, where 800+ American editors gathered for three days of editorial hijinks and general word nerdery, and where she sold a copy of Editing Canadian English 3 to the New Yorker’s copy editor emerita, Mary Norris.

Join Us!

Wednesday, April 10

Ongwanada Resource Centre, 191 Portsmouth Avenue

7:00 p.m. (doors open at 6:30).

Free for Editors Canada members; $5 fee for visitors (first meeting free).


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